Music in Isolation


In this time of lockdowns and quarantines, we generally at some point have taken time to clean and rearrange our storage rooms and have likely discovered and remembered forgotten items.

On top of my dresser and encased in its dusty brown carton, Kai, my soprano ukulele, has been sleeping for years – waiting for music. While Taylor Swift created Folklore, I found refuge in playing Kai in this time of isolation.

In my laptop is a random collection of songs I play in ukulele for which I have carefully researched for their easy chords. I kept a copy of them even if they can be searched in the internet as You Tube and Google can be convoluted. It is always nice to have them in handy whenever I feel like playing. As the collection grew, I realized that I can compile them and create an ebook to share especially to beginners who may find it hard to search for simpler chords that sound just as lovely. In my collection, each song starts with a short story of my personal connection with the song, followed by good learning sources, and the simple chords.

Drop by my shop to have a sneak peek. Enjoy playing with your uke.

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