The Back-Up Plan (2010)

The Back-Up Plan

The Back-Up Plan might have showcased beautiful actors in Alex O’Loughlin and Jennifer Lopez yet J.Lo’s comeback movie did not make an impact. It does not give the tinge of spark to romance. Chemistry between the two lead actors was dull and mechanical.

The movie intends to empower single mothers. That even if their husbands have abandoned them and have left them alone to raise a kid, there is hope and life after it. There are even support groups dedicated to this kind of stage of life. It also intended to raise awareness that a woman can have a baby without having sexual relations through artificial insemination.

However, though the movie might be appealing to some especially teenage girls and liberated women, in a catholic perspective, it is morally offensive. The tagline itself speaks much of how morally chaotic this movie is – Fall in love. *Get married. Have a baby. *Not necessariyl in that order. It presented a very disturbing and distorted image of love and family life. It contradicts to the Catholic Church’s moral teachings on unitive and procreative marital love, marriage and parenthood, and love of one’s body. There were also outright scenes of premarital sex, cultic stereotyping, partial nudity, crude language, horrendous water birth scene, and gross gynecological exams which may turn-off girls and women to childbirth.

(2.5, 2/5)


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