Iron Man 2 (2010)

Iron Man 2

Superhero movies like Iron Man sell out in theaters because of its special effects, fight scenes and the magnanimity of the superhero himself. Iron Man 2 did not focus on the grandeur of sound effects but on the charm of Tony Stark and the witty and crisp dialogue among the actors. The movie might not have taken the audience to that 120% attention rate and to an iron man syndrome after the movie but it delivered some life’s lessons we can learn from.

Every human being even superheroes have to deal with their weaknesses. A man behind the iron suit is not at all times invincible. He still needs the love and appreciation of family, friends and loved ones. Tony was able to redeem himself from the feeling of not being loved through the video of his father when his father said, “What is will always be my greatest invention is you.” Indeed, even the superheroes in our life need our love. Iron man’s suit was created through stark’s intelligence yet he did not intend it for world domination and destruction. It was for world peace. Therefore, man’s intelligence should not be destructive. It should be hopeful and empowering.

(3.5, 3/5)


© rooks 2010

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