Heneral Luna (2015)

Heneral Luna

Though Heneral Luna is a historical figure, a man whose life and works have been documented, the film, though historically and creatively interpreted, is a beautiful work of art that should not be strictly viewed by its passionate arguments, cunning agendas, questionable allegiances, graphic deaths…

Heneral Luna is not only an artistic portrayal of history but it is a film that engages us to ponder, critic, and talk about our past, present, and future as a society.

It is a film that should awaken the patriotic nature in us. How much do we love our country?

“Ang mamatay nang dahil sa’yo.”

Does it impel us to a love of country even in small practical ways like following traffic rules or is it just synonymous to an unconscious blabber followed by a sigh of relief because the singing of the Lupang Hinirang is simply without sense mandatory?

We are our worst enemies. Yes, the saga continues to this very day in all aspects of our lives. There is more to this film than discovering the dark and glory of our history as a nation. For how long do we want to be on this vicious cycle of antipathy?

Bayan o sarili?


© rooks 2015

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