The Blind Side (2010)

The only thing I know about American football is tackling the opponent, touchdown, and having a ruggedly handsome quarterback. But even in my limited knowledge about the sport, I am confident that this sport as a team sport rely also on how well teamwork is executed. And that winning games is not all about that one guy you call the most valuable player but the team itself.

The Blind Side captures great cinematography as it was able to capture the right mood for each scene and had appropriate casting to fit each character. This film teaches family spirit, teamwork and how to be good teammates. Not only in the world of American football but also in our own football fields – our own homes. Leigh Anne’s act of kindeness to Michael is overflowing and contagious that each family member also helped him achieve something for himself. They treated him like family. He is family. And though Michael had nothing material to give as compared with the things that the Touhy family can offer, he loved and protected them like real family too as seen on the scenes where he and SJ had a car accident and the brawl at his friend’s apartment. There were many scenes in the film where the Tuohy family expressed unconditional love to Michael. The Touhy family was making a remarkable change in the life of Michael and Michael was also changing theirs as seen in the scene where the family opted to have Thanksgiving dinner at dinner table rather than in front of the television.

What the quarterback does for his team to win is what is usually visible during winning time. What we don’t usually see is the left tackle. The one who protects the quarterback in order for the quarterback to deliver the win. When Leigh Anne told Michael to protect the quarterback from the other team, it meant that the quarteback is special as she metaphorically associated the quarterback with herself. In life, we have our own quarterbacks to protect. And because they are special and we love them, we defend their blind side…

(4, 4/5)


© rooks 2010

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