The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network

In a world of social networking particularly Facebook, this movie ignites questions and answers to moviegoers, ardent readers and facebook users all at the same time.

Today, facebook is undeniably the most visited site and usually takes up most of an individual’s time. Thus like a child who is beginning to question the origin of things, one would also like to explore further on how this social network began and rapidly progressed without our knowing because apparently it has invaded our sacred spaces and culture.

The success of facebook is also the rise of controversies as depicted in the movie and even in real life. Many have claimed that they were betrayed and shifting of loyalties were evident. Some of it were already settled some of it aren’t as the ending of the movie narrated.

How much truth is in it? We can only speculate and draw logical conclusions. The real truth is still somewhere in the hiding that is sugar-coated with vested interests. After all, with facebook’s number of users today that is still growing each day as of this writing, it has grown in ways the founder could have ever imagined. And it has made its mark and legacy in the way we communicate and live.

(3.5, 2/5)


© rooks 2010

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