(2018) Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming, an autobiography by Michelle Obama will most probably be my last completed reading for 2018. And it is an honor to end my 2018 reading journey with an abundance of inspiration from the former FLOTUS. Published only last November 13, it became the best selling book in the US for 2018.

In her memoir, Michelle Obama does not mince with her words. It is funny, compassionate, enraged (for a good reason), and all the time heartfelt. It brings intimate scenes of her personal life before, during, and after the presidency of her husband, Barack Obama.

Amidst strict protocols, reasonable and sometimes absurd, she knew how to be human rather than be mechanical.

Intelligent and classy, the ugly blows brought forth by politics were met with a good combination of steadfastness, composure, and inner strength. As Michelle and Barack would try to live by and put it, “When they go low, we go high.” It instantly became my favorite adage amongst the deluge of wisdom the book could offer.


© rooks 2018

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