Firing Guns and Flying Bullets at Stronghand

Stronghand Shooting Range

Guns. Armalites. M-16s. Growing up with 5 brothers, armaments are not new to me. I even had a pink 45 pistol where I loaded it with powder on red rings that gave a spark and a bang on click. Though they are all toys, manufacturers design them as if they are the real deal. We had an arsenal of those that if we have gotten raided… Well, who knows if we would be arrested even if they were only toys because they were insanely everywhere that one could even randomly step on them.

Stronghand Shooting Range

Playing with those toy guns and with the awe of action movies, I wondered how it is to fire a real gun. Though I know that there are shooting ranges around, the possibility and timing to indulge such curiosity never came until a friend invited me to a gun firing event on a holiday. How cool is that, huh? I was very excited. It was something new. I like new adventures.

Stronghand Shooting Range

For what only seems to be a fulfillment of a childhood enigma, we were favored to be guided by Range Officer/Instructor, Alfred M. Zaballa, to complete “The Proper & Practical Pistol Course” through Stronghand Shooting Range. The lessons included (1) The 4 Rules of Gun Safety (2) How to Handle a Pistol (3) How to Clear a Pistol (4) How to Shoot a Target. We were each given a certificate of completion for the course. The program delighted my interest as Instructor Alfred was able to concisely explain the science and art of gun firing. He was even mentioning Physics. Thankfully, no mathematical problems were to be solved to compute for the trajectory of a bullet if a gun was fired at a specific range/angle… But kidding aside, the mini lecture was not too overwhelming or too downgrading for a first timer like me. It was the right amount of lesson and practice. I am grateful to have been properly taught on the philosophy and training of shooting a gun before firing a real one.

Stronghand Shooting Range

After a blend of theory and praxis, we were each given a firing kit – a target, ear plugs, an eye gear for those without eyeglasses, a 98mm pistol, and 20 bullets. With the 20 bullets, we each fired 10 rounds on 5 meters and 10 rounds on 10 meters.

Stronghand Shooting Range

How I did? It was dreadful. I need a lot of practice. It was nowhere near my expectation of satisfactory. But the good thing is, I can always go back if I am to continue gun firing as a recreation. With Stronghand’s toxic free environment and proper orientation of safe and responsible shooting, it is a hobby that can be pursued because of its valuable lessons on defense and discipline.

Stronghand Shooting Range

Shooting may be masculine in nature but it is also a woman’s turf. Instructor Alfred even mentioned in his lecture that women are usually most successful in hitting the target because of our calm reflexes. On Wednesdays, ladies are given 50% discount at the range. A coffee shop, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is also accessibly situated inside the location for some refreshments.

Stronghand Shooting Range

To get a glimpse on the discipline of gun firing, you may drop by Stronghand Shooting Range. Who knows, you just might be the next Jethro Dionisio.

Stronghand Shooting Range
1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City, Philippines, 1111
MON – SAT (10AM – 7PM)
SUN – (10AM – 5PM)
Holidays – Call +632.721.7174


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