Puerto Galera: Amihan Villa, Luca

Puerto Galera 1

Puerto Galera is a country’s treasure that is situated at the North West of the Municipality of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

One of its beautiful resorts is Amihan Villa, a hilltop luxury with panoramic views of the white beach, Mt. Malasimbo and the West Philippine Sea. The name of the villa must have originated from the Northeast Wind, Amihan, that dictates Philippine weather during the months of September to June. The windy experience of the Amihan at Puerto Galera detoxifies your body especially your lungs from the polluted air of the city.

Puerto Galera 2

Amihan Villa is a 5-bedroom only resort at Aninuan. The villa’s few rooms makes it exclusive and private. It is a hundred peso tricycle ride from the white beach or port which is a fair price because of the uphill road. As it is situated on top of a hill, a clear pathway provides its guests for a comfortable hike. You can ring the bell at the gate so that the staff may help you with your baggage. Cold drinks are served when we arrived. One thing noticeable is that Gemma, the concierge, speaks very good English. And the staff is friendly and accommodating.

I am very grateful that the villa looks the same as that of the photos provided by Agoda – the booking channel for which we have made our reservation. I am pleased with the spacious room, the balcony, the view, the pool, the food, the staff and the silence it brings to introverts like me.

Puerto Galera 3

The walk from the villa to the center of the beach is an adventure of its kind. We took a shortcut as directed by a tricycle driver. The alternative route guided us to a private beach where it is peaceful and some foreigners are sun bathing. We strolled by the seashore to get to the heart of the beach crowd. In between the long stretch of calm and noise are rocks for which we have to pass through. Yes, no pain no gain. With determination and beach slippers instead of hiking shoes, the journey with the rocks, wind and some sea will remind you that life is not always smooth sailing as you would want it to be. No matter how trivial it might be, it is your purpose and mission that will drive you to its fulfillment. In this hike, our resolve to reach the other side of the shore [and have our afternoon snack] motivated us. With approximately 300 meters more before setting our feet on beach sand again is a beautiful rainbow. Indeed, the Lord has His own grand way of welcoming us.

Puerto Galera 4

On the second day of our stay, Levi, the driver of the villa drove us to the trade center of the place as some of my companions needed to do some errands. The drive is soothing. Trees, fresh air [we opted to turn off the car aircon], sun, scenic views… For me, countryside driving is always conducive for contemplation.

As it was about to be noon, Levi brought us to Luca Cucina Italiana. The Italian cuisine and noon beach view is splendid. Wow! I consider it as the highlight of the vacation.

We envisioned our Puerto Galera trip to be relaxing. An experience similar to that of a lazy Sunday afternoon and more. I am blessed to have more than what I have asked for.

We came at the right place and at the right time. The weather is perfect and the beach is tranquil.

Puerto Galera. Amihan Villa. Luca. These are dwelling places for respite.


© rooks 2014

4 thoughts on “Puerto Galera: Amihan Villa, Luca

  1. Hi Ms. Rooks, thank you for your very nice review of Amihan Villa. May I take the liberty of placing this link on our FB page? thank you very much, Miss M of Amihan Villa

  2. aaawww… haven’t been to puerto galera! I don’t like the crowded beach there. But Amihan Villa seems like a love. Paglaki ni Skye punta kami. Hahahahaha..

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