Journey in Faith

Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism

Though my formal theological studies have ended years ago, my pursuit to know and live my Catholic Faith remains to be my mission despite the lights and shadows of my faith life. With the rise of modern thinking, there are many witty and almost convincing arguments on the use of contraceptions, the veneration of Mama Mary and other Catholic traditions. But, whether they made a point or not, I remain to be respectful of what they believe and continue to nourish my faith through the Holy Eucharist, Sacraments, the experiences of others [Catholic or not – I believe in the goodness of each one.] my faith experience and personal study.

Faith is a gift and should be nurtured through prayer, love in action and study as one can easily be dumbfounded when peppered with quotations from the Bible.

To fellow Catholics whose belief in the faith is challenged, I encourage you to pray, contemplate and genuinely study our rich and sacred heritage before being swayed without passionate study by seemingly logical explanations or aggressive trends that aim only to prove our faith wrong and see its flaws rather than be enlightened. Search for Catholic mentors whom you can trust. Search for answers. Do not let yourself be discouraged of the sins of the Church’s followers. Remember Paul, Augustine, Mary Magdalene… Focus on Jesus. Focus on the faith rather on the shortcomings of its faithful. Be open. Jesus never ceases to reveal Himself. Our faith has answers.

And if by the time you have truly exhausted all resources [teachings, writings, traditions, men and women of the faith, experiences – others and yours] but remain to be unconvinced and have found light in another; go, be at home and live in love on the new light that illumines you.

Jesus’ calling for each one is unique. Our personal response to His invitation varies. And that makes life colorful and bright. And whatever our choice may be, His love for us remains to be unfathomably the same.

To non-Catholics, though different, we are commonly called to regard each others’ belief, continually encourage and pray for one another so that each one may truly be able to find one’s way home.

I highly recommend everyone who is searching for meaning to read Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey To Catholicism by Scott Hahn and Kimberly Hahn. Their faith journey was intellectually, socially, morally and financially tested. But Scott and Kimberly are both admirable for their openness and faith in God; that even in their darkest hours where everything they have firmly believed became insignificant, they welcomed in faith God’s Epiphany with much hope and peace.


© rooks 2014

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