Fast Forward Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

As early as September from which the famous BER months starts, Christmas songs are already wafting in the airwaves. People feel excitement. Nostalgia. Longing. Anticipation. And for some, they say it will pass. Whatever the feeling may be, the holiness of the Christmas Season will still come with the hope that the contemplation on the birth of Jesus brings a more spiritual celebration.

Today, time flies so fast. There are a lot of things to do. Tasks to be accomplished. Good books to be read. Blockbuster movies to be watched. Soothing songs to contemplate. Inspirational thoughts to reflect on. Moments to be cherished. 24 hours may never be enough anymore. Yet even in this life’s crazy schedule and whims, there is a time for everything. The liturgical calendar guides the faithful to balance life’s daily rhythm.

Christmas songs may be playing as early as September yet it is not Christmas time yet. Rice that is rushly cooked does not make a meal enjoyable. In the same way, fast forwarding Christmas leaves people exhausted, irritable and broke. Society’s instant culture of gratification does not go with spiritual nourishment. It requires sacrifice. It takes time. It demands a date. A date with the Lord to truly encounter Him. No short cuts. No fast forwards.

The wisdom of the Advent Season prepares the faithful for a meaningful experience with the birthday celebrator, Jesus. Take time to truly meet Jesus. Have a holy Advent Season!


© rooks 2011

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