Toxic Bachelors by Danielle Steel

Toxic Bachelors

After a very long time where I even have thought I would not take interest in reading novels again anytime soon, I have actually read and finished one today. It overtook three good reads and have not regretted finished reading it first before I could actually finish the other three. I guess I missed reading such literature.

It was a novel I have been looking for quite some time because it actually cost a lot way back when I first saw it and was still in college. And when the time came that I had the money to purchase one, it was nowhere to be found in bookstores. And so while scanning through the shelves of a bookstore to look for good children’s books to donate for a cause, I saw the novel that was not in an ideal state as I would want my books to be but was nevertheless still intact and cheap. I had no doubts of purchasing it this time.

Anyway, I think it was the best Danielle Steel I have read or I just have forgotten what it was like to read her again. Though its moral rating does not meet the standards from a Catholic perspective, it was well written and original. I liked the profound friendship of the three main characters – Charlie, Gray and Adam.

Toxic Bachelors took the toxic and stress out of me as I devoured each page and did not mind going online until I finished reading. I think it was because it is pleasure reading rather than the technical, intellectual and spiritual reading I usually indulge myself into. It was a feel good novel.

Am I back to reading novels? Not really sure about it yet…


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