Analyze NEWS

Analyze News

Analyzing the content and how foreign news is delivered for 10 minutes was intellectually exhausting. I felt bloated with information. And when I say information, it does not only illustrate the profusion of facts based on what really happened but also on the abundance of realizations.

The timeframe given to us to analyze the 10-minute news delivery was not enough because each member of the group has something important to say. Ironically, the news may be foreign but each member of the group had the competence of information analysis. There was so much to say positively and negatively.

The way foreign news is delivered is direct unlike our local news which is oftentimes sensationalized. Our local news dwells too much on how the drama of the news can be delivered rather than on the substance of information.

The straightforwardness of foreign news makes it easy to pinpoint its values and disvalues without bias.

To deliver the news with artistry may create an impact but it is still to be delivered with much discretion. Facts are not to be substituted by reckless opinion and nothingness. News items are facts not entertainment. They are to be delivered in order to inform and empower and not to create in us an unrealistic world.


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