My TV Origins


From cathode ray tubes to liquid crystal displays and now to light emitting diodes, I regard the invention of the television as one of the greatest inventions of all time. And though it was only when I was already in the fifth grade when we had our first television at home, it became an instant fascination to me. Playing street games with friends can be skipped and became less appealing. Cable TV made it more enthralling. HBO’s Saturday night movies became a family affair. This was the beginning of my attraction to American movies and films because of everyone’s goal to get ahead of the story and to guess the ending. Its twists and unpredictable turns is popcorn time.

My childhood television experience developed in me the bias of favoring more to watch foreign movies and films rather than local ones. My father would not want us to watch local movies and films because of its predictable storylines and intolerable exaggerations. Local television shows like Eat Bulaga and the defunct Sang Linggo Napo Sila were not much recommended to us because of its sometimes obscene and vulgar words. Television for me was equated more to movies and films and not so much of television shows. Although today, I find the joy in watching cheesy Pinoy movies that does not need much thinking and analyzation and television shows like ASAP in order to relax from the stressful life.

Watching television with the family especially with my parents around developed my capacity to choose the films, movies, and television shows to watch. Unknowingly and in one way or another, it helped me become television literate. This family activity also enhanced my introvert character because of the internal processing of moving scenes and realities that energized and inspired me most of the time.


© rooks 2010

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