The Ten Commandments of the Christian Communicator

1. Act always in the name of the Lord, united to Him through His grace, in prayer and trust.

2. Although the result of your communicating performance depends solely on God, strive as if its effectiveness depends no other than you.

3. Be creatively brilliant, technically expert, and bold in reporting: the Christian thought so deserves it.

4. Hesitate not to employ the most modern means of communication so that Christ’s command: “Go into the whole world and evangelize all peoples”, might be fulfilled.

5. Seek the collaboration of other believers, considering this as a thing of value, because to work in a team is an indispensable condition for Christian communication.

6. Keep yourself informed of the real situation of your interlocutors (readers, listeners, audience) although you do not personally know them one by one; love them all and seek only their good.

7. Suffer not your communicating task to be reduced neither to pure undertaking, nor an object for business; however, keep in mind that good organization and correct management is likewise necessary.

8. Rejoice in the success of other Christian communicators and generously share your experience with them.

9. Enrich your communicating skills with the daily offering of your endeavors, sacrifices, and of your commitment to be honest and humble.

10. At the close of each day and of your life on earth, dispose yourself to say to God with profound conviction:”I am a useless servant; I simply did my duty.”

Original Italian Text by Fr. Manuel Galaviz, SSP
English Translation by Sr. Gloria Felix, SSP


© rooks 2010

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